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Mikoshi (Portable Shrine) of Gobukai is handed down with the construction in 1809 of the middle of Edo period, and the oldest portabale shrine in Kamimizo. This was produced by Kashiwagi Ubei Yasunori who was a carpenter specializing in building shrines and palaces with a very good skill. The repair has been done repeatedly, so it seems that the prototype has been lost a little now. But a first structure remains in each place, so this portable shrine has still high historical value.

Mikoshi (Portable Shrine) of Gobukai

The size of the plinth block is 3.5 shakus (105cm), and the maximum height is 8.25 shakus (250cm). The old fashioned sculpture and the hardware dyed with gold are distributed everywhere, and in the roof and the plinth block, etc. it is finished up by the black japan, and the contrast with a light blue (Mizuasagi) make-up string is indeed beautiful portable shrine.

"Mitamaire Ceremony" that god gets on the portable shrine.

The portable shrine is installed on the temporary shrine "Okariya" that is built at central of Kamimizo in two days before Kamimizo summer festival "Honmiya". And the ceremony "Mitama-ire" that the god gets on the portable shrine is executed by the chief priest of Kamegaike Hachiman shrine, and Kamimizo Summer Festival starts.

The portable shrine of Gobukai at Kamegaike Hachiman Shrine.

The portable shrine is carried at the day of "Honmiya" that is the main day of Kamimizo Summer Festival. First of all, purification is received in the Kamegaike Hachiman Shrine. And, "Ujikomawari" is done to pray for a calamity disease fleeing, good harvest staple grains, and well-being of the family by carrying round the portable shrine. The portable shrine parades all over in Gobukai (Honku, Tanaka, and Motomachi).

"Ujikomawari" at Honku.

"Mikoshimomi"(performance that greatly swing portable shrine) at nighttime parade.

After "Ujikomawari", more than 20 portable shrines of each council of Kamimizo gather in the Kamimizo shopping street, and nighttime parade is executed grandly. Each portable shrine installs the lantern, and is shouldered intenser, more bravely, and is shown "Mikoshimomi" (performance that the greatly swing portable shrine) many times.

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