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"Kamimizo Summer Festival" is a traditional festival which began in Edo period at Kamimizo, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara-city, Kanagawa-Pref., Japan. It has been called "Tenno-sama" from the old times and everybody is familiar with this festival. "Susanoonomikoto" (or "Kozutenno") is invited from Kyoto Yasaka shrine and enshrined as "Yasakaominokami" in this festival. So by carrying a portable shrine, we pray for driving away evil disease, getting a good harvest, and home safety.

The portable shrine of Gobukai at Kamegaike Hachiman Shirine.

Praying for the safety of carrying portable shrine.

Portable Shrines and Festival Cars at festival headquarters.

Currently, Kamimizo Summer Festival has the participation of more than 20 portable shrines and 8 festival cars "DASHI" Kamimizo each council. And celebrating about 410,000 customers, it is the largest festival of northern Kanagawa-Pref. You can fully enjoy the the majestic scene of portable shrines and the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese festival.

Kamimizo Summer Festival will be held Saturday and Sunday in the end of July every year.


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